Sharon and Rommel

We grew up in church where pleasure and sex really weren’t taught and encouraged, in fact it was unholy. We were on a zoom session and Mr. Marlon was explaining the detriment of pornography. It was up my alley because secretly it was my way of satisfying my sex appetite. I am Sharon. 

My sexual desire didn’t match my husband’s once and while missionary session then he turned over and smiled with satisfaction, while I used my finger to get my climax. 

After the zoom session my husband bought Happy, Holy and Horny. For the next 4 days he spent reading it with his bible like a study guide, after the 4th day he said take a shower and meet in the bed. He came into the room and started by saying sorry for not satisfying you and then said teach me how to eat you until you cum. With a big grin on my face, I said Oh yeah! 

We have never been the same, I don’t need porn anymore, my husband is all I need. 

couple on valentine's day
Shot of a senior married couple taking a selfie at home

Ricardo and Luanne

I heard Minister Nicolls teach on a couple’s zoom session and decided to get the book Happy, Holy and Horny. We didn’t get to read it until a week after. We had just come home from mid-week service and showered and just decided to relax and put some worship music on, I opened the book to the ‘Unspoken Side of Christianity,’ Well, it grabbed my attention and I started to read out loud to the music in the background “there is none like you.” My wife just danced and was intensely worshipping God, I continued reading and got up to join her, as I touched her and gently pulled her close to me, she had an orgasm, and squealed with a voice of such pleasure, standing up! You heard me? Standing up! So, my mind and heart were mesmerized to know while worshipping the Most High God, we were experiencing the highest form of pleasure, surrender and ecstasy. OMG! 

Thanks Sir.


Hi. I am Lauren, I was molested at age 17 and never got over the trauma. The touch from anyone made my skin crawl. Obviously having a boyfriend was a real effort. Michael became my best friend, then my boyfriend, he proposed then became my fiancé, but I couldn’t see myself marrying him and more so having sex with him. I never shared my trauma with him nor with anyone. 

As an engagement gift we were invited to an online premarital session and the book Happy, Holy and Horny was mentioned while introducing the teacher Mr. Nicolls. The session was very different especially since it was a Christian forum. He was rude and righteous, sexual and sanctified in the same breath. Then he started to teach on the ‘Poison Called Unforgiveness’. No one has ever cut me so deep and penetrated the layers of hurt and coverups I carried. He explained the prison that not forgiving someone places you, well Me. 

He told the truth, I needed to be free. After the session I texted him to help me get free, this man took the time to walk me out of my cell of trauma, my years of incarceration had ended, I forgive my rapist, my uncle. My prison door was opened, and I walked out free to laugh, have fun, love my fiancé, and help others. This little book is like the stone that killed Goliath, it’s aimed, directed and covered by God. 

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Mature couple with digital camera

Pastors Glen and Elizabeth

We are pastors of a mid-size church, very hungry for God and serving His people. In fact, we thought we were very open and practical leaders until Minister Nicolls did a session at our church with our couples. It was refreshing and eye opening to hear the Bible, God, Sex and Marriage all in the same paragraph. Since I knew the stories of my couples, I knew this practical way of teaching was positively affecting them. Minister Nicolls shared a story from his book, on closing chapters in our relationships and immediately something broke in the atmosphere, the heaviness and predominant sadness that we saw in our couples changed. One lady screamed and cried as her husband apologized to her in public for hurting her. Another couple asked the group to pray with them because what was being said exposed the root of the 5 years of turmoil they have been experiencing. One by one couples held each other and the tears flowed, laughter broke out, cheers of appreciation for the newness that was being felt and overtaking the gloom that overshadowed them, was gone. We never knew the Presence of God could show up while teaching of sex. This is different, and a good difference. We appreciate you Sir, continue your unorthodox ministry. It’s needed.

a multiracial married couple smiles in bed while she shows him something on the laptop

Curtis and Hazel

My wife bought your book and left it on the bed, I picked it up and simply opened a couple pages, I saw some scriptures verses then the word ‘pussy’ of all words jumped out at me, I shouted out to her, what kind of religious book is this, I turned around and my worship leader, Sunday school teacher wife was completely naked. She said it definitely isn’t religious, it’s a book about us, for us. Let me show you. 

Well the rest is history, we haven’t stopped reading and having fun.