About Us

Why us?

The traditional Church is not designed to equip us to have fun in our bedrooms.
We teach holiness but ignore the wholeness that makes us who we are. We are spiritual beings living in a body created through sex, it took intimacy to create us, but intimacy is ignored and, in some cases, scorned and deemed devilish.

You can’t try to fit a round peg into a square hole it won’t fit, so to exist is to
desire intimacy. It’s my view that the more you restrain and put doctrinal limits on
the natural God-given desires to be intimate and feel the warmth of the opposite
sex, the more the unnatural will become considered, desired, then practiced in
private to eventually become normal as it is today.
We the Church in our effort to promote our organizational doctrines and man-made
opinions, and leadership’s failure in the bedroom, have ignored the Word of God,
the manual of marriage and intimacy which clearly shows that Marriage and Sex is
a God idea.

So being Happy, Holy and Horny is normal.

Hi. I am Marlon R. Nicolls, the CEO of the NicollsGroup of companies. I am a licensed minister, certified relationship counselor with Prepare Enrich International, couple’s intimacy coach and facilitator with God’s Anatomy for Marriage. The father of two wonderful and gifted adults. I was married for over twenty-five years, experienced a life altering divorce and since then remarried to an amazing woman. 
With over forty years in the church/business environment, I’ve seen many people and marriages destroyed by church doctrines and philosophies.  However, at the same time, I’ve also experienced and witnessed some very successful marriages with Christian couples that not only loved God but also had healthy intimacy with passion and love for each other.
The purpose of this website is to share with you the life experiences of a few Christian couples who were faced with emotional, biblical, and sexual challenges in their marriage. The name Happy Holy and Horny represents us all.
My intent is to educate and highlight topics that are swept under the rug. Intimacy in marriage should be a journey.  Techniques will be shared on how to keep the fire alive as long as there is honesty and openness.
On this platform are true stories that highlight the four areas that can also cause divorce and infidelity-: Communication, Money, Sex and Trust.  As you read these sometimes provocative, bedroom language, real life episodes, the common trend that I’ve observed with these dynamic people is that they honestly love God and want to please Him. This gave them confidence, boldness, and an authority that I have read in the Bible, but seldom seen, the reality of being Happy Holy and Horny.
I challenge you to take a leap of faith in your marriage, knowing what God has joined no other should destroy.  Invite your spouse to join you on this intimate thought-provoking journey. There are no boundaries in the bedroom. I encourage you to get involved with some of the exercises.  The stories are practical and liberating – Be inspired, Have Fun!


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