I am Marlon R. Nicolls a licensed minister, certified relationship counselor, successful business owner and father of two wonderful and gifted children. I was married for over twenty-five years, experienced a divorce and since then remarried to an amazing woman. With more than forty years in the church/business environment, I have seen many people and marriages destroyed by church doctrines and philosophies. However, at the same time, I’ve also experienced and witnessed some very successful Christian marriages. Couples who not only love God, but also have healthy intimacy with passion and love for each other.

Within these pages are true stories that highlight the four areas that can cause divorce and infidelity: Communication, Money, Sex and Trust. As you read these sometimes provocative, bedroom language, real-life episodes, the common trend that I have observed with these dynamic people, is that they honestly love God and want to please Him. This gave them confidence, boldness and anauthority that I have read about in the Bible, but have seldom seen until now.

I challenge you to take a leap of faith in your marriage, knowing what God has joined no other should destroy. Invite your spouse to join you on this intimate, thought-provoking journey. There are no boundaries in the bedroom. I encourage you to get involved with some of the exercises.

The stories are practical and liberating—Be inspired; have fun!